Author: Giorgi Badridze, Alex Petriashvili, Giorgi Bilanishvili

It was at the time of President Obama that the “pivot to Asia” was declared a US foreign policy priority while an economically rapidly growing China was identified as a major upcoming strategic challenge for the United States. Most recently, Washington, London and Canberra took the first steps in this direction, creating what has become known as AUKUS – a United States, Great Britain and Australia military alliance. Giorgi Badridze’s review tells us about this cooperation.

What will be the role of Europe when the main confrontation shifts from Russia-America to China-America? Will Europe remain a loyal ally of the United States or initiate an independent game? Does it even have resources for an independent game? You can read about this in Alex Petriashvili’s article.

And finally, will China’s prioritization lead to a shift in focus from Russia and how can the Kremlin take advantage of this? Today, all of the attention is focused on the Russian-Ukrainian border where Russia has deployed an army of almost 100,000. Putin seems to have a feeling that the time has come for a more aggressive foreign policy. Giorgi Bilanishvili writes about the recent dynamics of US-Russian relations.