Author: Davit Shatakishvili, Mamuka Komakhia, Davit Natroshvili

The Russia-Ukraine war has been going on for five months, and it can be said that it is a war that has changed the world, and not only in  military and security terms. In this edition of “The Security Review”, we will discuss the food, energy, and transportation aspects of this conflict.

Davit Natroshvili analyzes Russia’s use of food as a weapon of war and reviews the impact of the Kremlin’s grain blockade on the world’s food security.

Davit Shatakishvili describes the impact of the war on international transportation, and focuses on the changes Georgia has to adjust for.

Mamuka Komakhia deals with one of the most important aspects of the war – energy, and discusses Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas and the possible scenarios to escape from it.