Author: Giorgi Badrize, Alex Petriashvili, Tornike Turmanidze, Zura Batiashvili

This edition of the Security Review is, of course, devoted to the Russia-Ukraine war. The Rondeli Foundation experts review its various aspects.
Giorgi Badridze touches on one of the most interesting and important aspects of the current geopolitical situation – Russia-China relations: should Russia count on China’s help? Was China informed of Russia’s intentions?
Alexi Petriashvili analyzes how 9 months of war transformed NATO and the European Union. To what extent is the West coping with the challenges it has faced as a result of Russian aggression?
We will also make a debut in the security review. Tornike Turmanidze analyzes the appearance of a new player in this war – Iran. What is Tehran’s goal? To what extent will the force be able to supply a significant amount of weapons to Moscow? What does he expect in return? What effect will Iranian drones and, presumably, missiles have on the course of the war?
What role does Turkey play in the current war? On the one hand, Ankara is supplying Ukraine with drones, on the other hand, it is trying to act as a mediator between the two sides, and on the third hand, it is trying to get maximum economic benefits from Russia. Traditionally, Zurab Batiashvili will try to find out among these various diplomatic treasures of Erdogan.