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Russia Monitor is a group of the Rondeli Foundation’s projects dedicated to monitoring and understanding modern Russia’s foreign strategy. It is important to closely follow Russia’s military, diplomatic, information and other activities beyond its borders that have impact on its neighbors, on the West and on the global international system. We monitor Russia’s armed forces and military policy, its actions towards the neighbors and its global strategy. We also add a Georgian perspective by watching Moscow’s policy in Georgia’s two regions which Russia currently occupies. Russia Monitor is our contribution to the broader international effort to perceive the Kremlin’s foreign strategy, hopefully contributing to the generation of proactive approaches on how to deal with it.

Roadmap to Kremlin’s Policy

Information-Analytical Page about Kremlin`s Policy in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali Region
Russian Military Forces: Interactive Map
Russian Geostrategy Map
Illegal Detention: Interactive Map
Borderization – Creeping Occupation
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