On December 6, in Brussels, Rondeli Foundation’s project “Building a Common Response to Hybrid Threats – Enhancing Cooperation of EaP CSOs in Policy Solutions Building” was named among the top three in 2019 by the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership (EaP CSF). The certificate was awarded to the Foundation’s Director of the European Studies Center Kakha Gogolashvili at the Annual Assembly of EaP CSF.

On December 4-6, Kakha Gogolashvili took part in the 11th Assembly of the EaP CSF in Brussels. A representative of the Rondeli Foundation presented a paper on hybrid threats to the European Parliament. He also was a speaker in a discussion in the European Parliament about the European future of three countries that have an Association Agreement with the EU — Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. He also moderated the session on Hybrid Threats held in the scope of the Annual Assembly.

EaP CSF has been established as a result of the Prague Declaration of 2009 in parallel with the establishment of the Eastern Partnership initiative by EU and six Eastern European countries. This is the biggest and most important forum of CSOs (more than 300 delegates and participants) actively engaged in the Europeanization of Eastern Europe.
Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, Brussels  4-6 December 2019