On May 20, 2006 the fellows and alumni of Public Policy Knowledge Network project participated in a retreat workshop at Tsavkisi “Country House” organized by the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies. Dr. Leslie Pal facilitated the event that brought together up to 30 fellows and project staff. The program consisted of a presentation given by Dr. Pal, drawing comparisons between Georgia and Canada in terms of domestic policy, identity, and challenges. Dr Pal talked about Canadian lifestyle, values and national symbols. The fellows and alumni, divided in several groups, wrote a short quiz on Canada,and two most successful teams were given prizes.

 The workshop started with an exchange of different regional, political and identity jokes common in Canada and in Georgia.  Participants watched Rick Mercer comedy reports and had a discussion afterwards.

“Public Policy Knowledge Newtork” Fellows Go to Retreat Workshop, 20 May, 2006