Under the Expert Opinion Paper series, we are accepting research-based papers aiming to foster discussion and analysis of current developments in the field of international affairs, national security, public policy, economy and regional cooperation.
We invite researchers, journalists, academicians, public servants, civil society and private sector leaders to participate. In doing so we hope to stimulate discourse that is both interesting and of use for policymakers and contribute to the development of critical thinking through original and thought-provoking pieces. 
Authors of the selected posts will be notified via e-mail within two weeks. Authors whose works are published will receive an honorarium.
We are accepting Expert Opinion papers and blog posts on a rolling basis. An Expert Opinion paper should be within the range of 2000-2500 words (up to 8 pages). The subject of the paper must be relevant to the national security environment of Georgia. All publications should be cited using Chicago citation style. Find more information here.
Send us your work in a Word document. For Expert Opinion papers: [email protected]. Please indicate in the subject lines GFSIS Expert Opinion Paper Series and Call for Rondeli Blog, respectively.