On December 23, within the framework of the “Participatory Politics and National Minorities” project the Rondel Foundation hosted a roundtable discussion on “Engagement of National Minorities in Political Processes for a Better Future”.
Scholars, journalists, and civil activists representing national minorities from Tbilisi and different regions of Georgia, as well as representatives of political parties.
During the meeting the Education and Science Committee of the Parliament of Georgia also presented its research findings on “Ethnic minorities’ accessibility to quality education”;

The project aims to increase the participation of ethnic minorities in political and social processes, encourage a dialogue with representatives of political parties on the matter, raise awareness, and support the principles of democratic governance.
„მონაწილეობითი პოლიტიკისა და ეროვნული უმცირესობების“ პროექტის ფარგლებში უმასპინძლა მრგვალ მაგიდას „ეროვნული უმცირესობების პოლიტიკურ პროცესებში ჩართულობა უკეთესი მომავლისათვის“.