The suggested project is built upon previous successful experiences of GFSIS with youth representing the Georgian Religious minority communities of Mountainous Adjara and Adigeni municipality of Samtskhe-Javakheti. Specifically, it aims to facilitate the integration of regional youth through informal educational activities, including raising their awareness of local and national issues and strengthening their soft-skill capacity. The project intends to enable the youth of mentioned communities’ high school students (14-18 yr) to better engage with government systems, set of activities will continue to enhance capacity-building within the youth, focus their interest on the values that support the development of inclusive, tolerant and democratic society.

The project targets up to 300 teens from Mountainous Adjara and Adigeni Municipality. The initiative involves youth cultural and social engagement through youth discussion clubs, the intellectual quiz based on the youth educational journal My World, visits to the capital, summer camp, and a graduation ceremony.

As an end result, the program will strengthen the resilience of local youth towards outside influences and enhance inter-religious tolerance as well as contribute to the establishment of a platform of like-minded youngsters from local communities.

The project is a continuation of the Community youth engagement in the regions of Georgia (2021-2022) and is being implemented for twelve months, starting from October 2022 with the support of the US Embassy in Tbilisi.