On December 13 , the Rondeli Foundation had a webinar: When and How Russia’s War Ends in Ukraine?
When and How the War Ends in Ukraine? These might be one billion-dollar questions, however, let’s try to address them. Almost a year ago, on February 24 th , as Russia started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, not many expected that on December 13th world would be still discussing this. Thanks to the heroic fight of the Ukrainian people, its armed forces, and support provided by the international community, today we are delighted to evaluate
Ukraine’s achievements and Russia’s failures with distinguished professionals in the foreign affairs and security fields. Furthermore, we will cover military, political and financial challenges Ukraine is facing this winter, as well as in the following months.
Linas Antanas Linkevičius, Former Minister of the Foreign Affairs of Lithuania
Grigol Mgaloblishvili, Associate Professor at National Defense College UAE, former Prime
Minister of Georgia
Alex Petriashvili, Senior Fellow at the Rondeli Foundation