After democracy’s repeated triumphs of the 20th century, it is once again under attack as the human civilization’s main system of governance in the 21st. The autocratic countries are deepening their alignment with one another, seeking to unseat the United States from its position of the global leader, and to transform the global order that presently is founded on the ideas of liberty. Like many other regions, the South Caucasus and the Eastern Europe are involved in this struggle, with Russia aggressively trying to restore its geopolitical dominance over its former imperial possessions.

At the Rondeli Security Conference, we shall discuss some of the main issues concerning the Russian attempt at imperial resurgence. Does the West have a coherent strategic vision for opposing Russia’s aggressive foreign strategy? What will be the fate of democracy in Georgia, and of Georgia’s pro-Western foreign policy? What impact does the outcome of the Nagorno-Karabakh War of 2020 have on the regional security in the South Caucasus? How the Black Sea region security situation is going to develop? What is the perspective for the newly established “Association Trio” of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine? These are only a few of many pertinent questions we shall seek to find answers.