Investigating the Attitudes of the Georgian Church on Democracy and Development

The project is set to assess attitudes within the Georgian Orthodox Church (GOC) on its role to contributing to the country’s democratic development through conducting a qualitative research among the  representatives of GOC and other relevant stakeholders.

The research envisions elaboration of recommendations on how to address, and if necessary alter, the existing attitudes and perceptions within the GOC through tailor-made activities conducted in cooperation with the relevant stakeholders. Ideally, the described intervention, is aimed at fine-tuning of the perceptions and views of the representatives of GOC towards foreign policy and development priorities of the Georgian state, with active participation of Government representatives, donor community, civil society and other interested parties.

The eight month long project activities include conducting of series of indepth interviews and focus groups with the representatives of GOC, Seminaria and Akademia, as well as experts in the field on various ardent issues including – social problems, democracy, conflict resolution, international actors and foreign policy priorities.  

The research results will help various stakeholders to receive objective, data-based information on the knowledge, the views and perceptions of the representatives of GOC on, where do they see themselves and their contribution in the process of democratization of the country as well as in the process of reaching the foreign policy goals of Georgia.  

The research findings in future, shall enable the stakeholders to boost the healthy policy debate and discussion among the representatives of GOC and within the educational institutions affiliated with the patriarchate on the ardent foreign and domestic policy issues identified as a result of the research. 

The project is implemented by Rondeli Foundation with the support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED). 

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