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Established in 2001, GFSIS is a non for profit think tank engaged in improving public policy making in Georgia through research, training and outreach activities. Our main directions include public policy, national security, national integration, Euro-Atlantic integration, peace-building, and youth affairs. Currently we carry out capacity building projects for public officials, political party staffers, ethnic minority communities and civil society; carry out research on the above mentioned issues and are heavily engaged in outreach activities both in Tbilisi and the regions.

GFSIS works with foreign governments, intergovernmental organizations, and foreign nongovernmental organizations on different projects in Georgia and the wider region. The foundation's activities, including international conferences, roundtables, publication and training projects, are research-based and part of a compressive integral effort.  GFSIS regularly invites top-level government officials and internationally recognized experts to speak at its events for public servants and civil society. 

Most GFSIS senior fellows are former high-ranking government officials, who maintain constructive working relations with the current leadership. They possess a unique mixture of policy and academic experience, and are well positioned to facilitate implementation of capacity building projects.  These experts work through GFSIS to assist the government, to interact with the international community, and to train the next generation of leaders.

GFSIS has been hosting interns since its very foundation from 2001. Throughout these years, totally up to 200 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students have carried out internship at GFSIS.

What we offer

We provide a unique internship experience to students interested in international security, post-Soviet studies, economic development, political science and foreign policy.

Internships are both full and part-time. They are opened on a rolling basis with no specific deadlines for application. They are arranged all the year round except August, since it is a holiday season in Georgia.

We have full facilities for accommodation of 5 interns simultaneously.
Internships are unpaid. We support visa applications. Regular workplace - desk with a computer and internet in a computer lab is provided. Dress code for interns as well as for GFSIS staff is business casual. Breakfast/lunch isn't provided; free coffee/tea is available in the office charge-free.

In addition GFSIS:

  • Offers cultural-historical tours around Tbilisi.
  • Sets up an initial orientation session with participation of GFSIS experts on Georgia's economic, political and security situation.
  • Publishes interns' research proceedings after a quality check.
  • Arranges   meetings/interviews with government officials and leading experts for the purposes of carrying out research across all levels.
  • Provides advice and mentorship for carrying out research. Interns are free to pick up the topic of their interest for the research.
  • Provides opportunity to attend roundtables and public lectures by leading scholars, diplomats, journalists and government officials organized at GFSIS on a regular basis.  Note: Not all events are in English through.
  • Provides a letter of recommendation or an internship certification letter to a granting institution.

Areas of engagement for Interns

  • GFSIS expects all interns to get engaged in the research, unless an intern already carries out research on the topic of his/her interest for the university purposes.  Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following: regional security, influence of ISIS and linkages with Pankisi Gorge, how different regional integrative projects affect Georgia-Armenia relations, DCFTA and Customs Union, securitization of minority issue on the post soviet space, Russian propaganda - soft power, etc.
  • We would welcome interns to help us edit the English language versions of the papers, as well as other English language documents.
  • As our funding mostly comes from grants, we are constantly seeking for donor funding and applying for grants. This is another area where interns can be helpful with, to update donor database, identify grant opportunities and develop proposals for relevant RFPs.
  • Drafting project reports is another engagement point for interns. They are welcome to contribute to further developing and polishing report templates.
  • Interns can be engaged in youth events in Tbilisi and regions of Georgia. Topics like: Sharing experience of graduate studies in the US / Europe, diversity as an advantage, etc.
  • As the GFSIS website is being upgraded and redesigned, interns can be an invaluable asset in editing website content
  • Contributing to organizational issues of regional and international conferences, as well as taking minutes and contributing to the reporting is highly appreciated, in case we have such event scheduled during the specific timeframe.
  • Digitalization of GFSIS library is another area of involvement that interns are welcome to contribute. Together with a specific point of contact (library manager), interns can help in creation of electronic database and organizing thematic sections in the library.

Eligibility criteria

Qualification requirements

  • Undergraduate, graduate or doctoral students, recent graduate involved in the research.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Knowledge of Russian at least on intermediate level is an asset (intern can be involved in much more activities in Javakheti region.)
  • Excellent editorial and drafting skills.
  • Research Skills.

Submitting documents

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Writing sample, not to exceed a total of 20 pages
  • Two academic references.


Please send your application to Ms. Tata Tsereteli; email:

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