On June 21-22, 2010 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies hosted a workshop on Challenges to Democratic Development and Good Governance in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, organized by the Atlantic Council of Georgia with the support of Atlantic Committee of Norway. Armenia and Azerbaijan were represented by the regional partners of Atlantic Council of Georgia – delegations from the Atlantic Councils of Azerbaijan and Armenia.  

The main topics of the seminar were as follows: Current Security Environment in the South Caucasus: Challenges and Opportunities, Defence and Security Policies in the Context of Euro-Atlantic Partnership (views from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia), Transparency and Accountability of Defence and Security Sector in the Light of New Challenges.

The seminar was attended by the experts on Defence and Security issues, journalists, representatives of the respective government agencies and students.  The goal of the workshop was to evaluate current security environment involving wider audience and deepening regional discussions in the context of Euro-Atlantic partnership to reach democratic development and effective governance.

22 June 2010