The program in National Security and International Relations, proved one of the first and the most successful professional training programs carried out by GFSIS from 2001 through 2008 with the U.S. government’s financial support.  During the first five years of the project lifetime, the RAND Corporation assisted GFSIS as its implementing partner.  The program targeted the national security community of Georgia, both opinion makers and opinion crafters, and aimed at enhancing knowledge and analytical skills among the young Georgian leadership for improved public policy discourse.  Over the course of eight (8) years, program graduates total 133 alumni, and the project has achieved its main objective and improved the skills and knowledge of Georgian public servants and civil society representatives in the areas of national security and international relations. Moreover, this eight-year long initiative has reached out to a critical mass across the Georgian public sector and has contributed to the creation of a likeminded group of leaders, who are accountable, oriented to meeting the needs of Georgian society, and capable in making well-founded decisions in a transparent manner.  A substantial number of program graduates have gone through significant career promotions and attained influential positions across the Georgian public service and non-governmental sector..