2007 / 11 / 27

On November 27, 2007 Minister of Foreign affairs of Slovakia, Ján Kubiš, visited the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies as part of his official visit to Georgia. Mr. Kubiš, who chairs the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers has been the Foreign Minister since July 2006.  Previously, he held the position of Secretary General of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

The meeting was organized at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia, which offered Mr. Kubiš the opportunity to speak to members of Georgia’s civil society and engage them in discussion about the relationship between the two countries, co-operation within the frames of international organizations and issues of regional stability and security, whilst also addressing the upcoming presidential elections and the current political situation in Georgia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Visited the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, 27 November, 2007