The Rondeli Foundation continues the series of meetings in the regions on the topic: ”Georgia awaiting EU candidate status: prospects and challenges.” Foundation fellows Kakha Gogolashvili and Aleks Petriashvili met with the local NGOs and media in Telavi and Kutaisi. The discussion covered the history of the establishment of the EU and its importance, the challenges Georgia faces on its path to European integration, monitoring results of the fulfillment of 12 recommendations set by the European Commission, and the prospects of receiving the candidate status.

The project “Strengthening Georgia’s EU Candidacy Efforts” is being implemented with the support of the Embassy of Lithuania in Georgia. The project aims to raise public awareness in this direction and to monitor the implementation of the four most problematic points of the 12-point priorities.
შეხვედრები რეგიონებში თემაზე: ,,საქართველო ევროკავშირის კანდიდატობის სტატუსის მოლოდინში: შესაძლებლობები და გამოწვევები.“