30 years have passed since the restoration of Georgia’s state independence. The Rondeli Foundation offers insight into the process of societal preparation for the restoration of Georgia’s independence; how the Georgian society thought of it back then and whether the assessment of these events transformed throughout the 30-year period. In addition, we offer analysis of recurring themes in the Georgian politics such as the government-opposition power dynamics. Current processes will be analyzed in light of historical comparisons with the 1918-1921 Democratic Republic.

Moderator: Giorgi Badridze – Senior Fellow, Rondeli Foundation.


Otar Janelidze – PhD in history, Senior Researcher at the Georgian National Museum, Professor at Gori State University, researcher at the Institute of Political Sciences, Ilia State University – “The foundations and particularities of Georgia’s transitional period (November 14, 1990 – April 9, 1991)”.

Dimitri Shvelidze – PhD in history, Professor at Tbilisi State University – “April 9 – declaration of Georgia’s independence restoration and the Georgian society”.

Stephen F. Jones – American historian, Professor at Mount Holyoke College, MA., Foreign Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Honorary Doctor at Tbilisi State University – “Politics Redux: Recurring Patterns in Georgian Politics”.