On April 26, Rondeli Foundation organized a photo exhibition and a lecture in the village Jokolo, Pankisi Gorge, within the framework of the project “Children are not Born with Prejudices”. Students of the public schools of Jokolo, Omalo and Duisi attended the event.
The photo book “Us – 30 Stories” is a collaboration of writer Archil Kikodze and photographer Levan Kherkheulidze and includes 30 portraits and 30 stories about people with disability. The exhibition aims to reduce stigmas and promote the integration of people with disability into society. Nino Kalandia, a member of the board of the Down Syndrome Association of Georgia, spoke with the students of the Pankisi Gorge about the challenges people with disability face in their daily lives. At the end of the discussion, the students created posters and presented their vision of how to raise awareness and fully integrate this vulnerable group into society.
The project “Children are not born with prejudices” is implemented by the Swedish municipal organization “Glada Hudik Theater”. The theatre troupe consists of actors with disabilities. In parallel with the theatrical activities, “Glada Hudik Theater” implements various projects, with the primary goal of changing the stereotyped thinking, vision and attitude toward people with disability. The project is financed by the Swedish state agency “Swedish Institute”. The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia also supports the project.
The implementation of the project in Georgia started in 2020. 50 public schools in the cities of Tbilisi, Batumi, Kharagauli, Gurjaani, Khashuri and others participated in the project. As part of the project, students are offered to watch the films “How many blueberries in this World?” and “Fashion Show”. The main actors are people with disability. Specific issues such as exclusion, discrimination, oppression, bullying, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child are discussed with the students.
Documentaries about the project:

Us - 30 Stories photo-exhibition in Pankisi