Congratulations to the National Security and Public Policy study program participants for successfully completing the module on “Data and Diplomacy” by Dr. Vivian Walker, an Executive Director of the United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy at the Department of State. 
The module included a total of 6 lectures. During the last meeting the participants completed group assignments and made presentations, followed by a lively discussion where the works of the participants were evaluated by four experts: Dr. Maia Mikashavidze, Regional Project Director,”Internews Network”, Alexander N. Daniels, the head of the Public Diplomacy Division of the U.S. Embassy in Georgia, a GFSIS Senior Fellow, amb. Alex Petriashvili and Mariam Gamdlishvili, the Foreign Affairs and Strategic Communications Specialist.
The program is implemented by the Rondeli Foundation and supported by the US Embassy in Tbilisi. US Embassy Tbilisi, Georgia

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