On October 15-19, 2008 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies hosted the seminar in the framework of The Civil Society Leaders Networking Program in Ukraine, Moldova and the Southern Caucasus, financed by the EU and the Council of Europe.

28 NGO representatives from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine participated in the trainings, discussions and other activities envisaged by the agenda.  Seminar’s main activates were focused on the:  Strengthening of the capacity building, organizational and communication skills of civil society leaders in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine;  Educating and informing civil society leaders about European democratic processes, standards and values; Increasing the ability of civil society organizations and their activists to promote domestically Council of Europe standards and use them in their contacts with the authorities; Connecting emerging civil society leaders with their peers from the Black sea region countries and international non-governmental organizations; Contributing to dialogue and trust building between different communities in conflicts zones in the Southern Caucasus and Transnistria. Some implications during the seminar related to Russia-Georgia armed conflict in August 2008.