Author: David Batashvili, Research Fellow at the Rondeli Foundation

This is a special issue of the Rondeli Russian Military Digest dedicated to the Russo-Ukrainian War, composed on the basis of numerous open sources.


Donbas Area

Russians engaged in unsuccessful attempts to attack to the south of Izyum.

They achieved new limited advance in the north of Donbas area, taking the village of Zelena Dolyna and trying to attack from there southward in the direction of the town of Lyman. Northeast of Lyman, fighting continued in the town of Zarichne which appeared to still be contested as of the afternoon 25 April (in Special Issue 18 of this digest covering 18-20 April we said that Zarichne had “likely” been taken by Russians).

Street fighting continued within Rubizhne and Popasna.

Russians achieved progress in the area between Popasna and Severodonetsk, taking the town of Novotoshkivske and advancing a little to the west of it.

Russians were not able to achieve progress on the portion of the frontline to the west of Donestk and Horlivka, including in the areas of Mar’inka and Avdiivka.

In the south of Donbas, Russians managed to advance about 10 kilometers in the northwestern direction in the area between Temyrivka and Velyka Novosilka.

Static shot from the Russo-Ukrainian War interactive map, Donbas area as of the afternoon 25 April. All information on the maps is approximate.

Battle of Donbas, northern flank

Rubizhne-Severodonetsk-Popasna area

Battle of Donbas, southern flank


Siege of Mariupol

Fighting continued along the outskirts of the Ukrainian citadel in the Azovstal plant territory.


Kharkiv Area

Ukrainians attacked achieving limited progress in two different areas northwest from Kharkiv, liberating several villages.

Area northwest of Kharkiv


Zaporizhzhia Area

Heavy fighting continued near the town of Hulyaipole and in the area to the east of it, particularly near the village of Malynivka. No major territorial changes were reported.


Black Sea Area

Ukrainians reported at least two separate instances of their territorial progress including a number of liberated villages – in Kherson Oblast and in the adjacent part of Mykolaiv Oblast. Specific location of liberated areas was not clear as of the time of writing.

Russians apparently retreated from the village of Kyselivka located 13 kilometers northwest from the city of Kherson.