Author: David Batashvili

This is a special issue of the Rondeli Russian Military Digest dedicated to the Russo-Ukrainian War, composed on the basis of numerous open sources.


Belgorod Area

On 22 May, anti-Kremlin regime Russian military forces aligned with Ukraine crossed the Ukrainian-Russian border and attacked the Kremlin regime forces within Russia’s Belgorod Oblast. As of the time of writing, anti-regime Russian forces took over villages KozinkaGlotovo and Gora-Podol, proceeding to attack the town of Grayvoron. 

Fighting with unclear results at the time of writing was also reported at several other spots of the border area, including village Dronovka.


Svatove-Starobilsk Area and Donbas Area – North

In the north, Russians took village Masyutivka. Fighting continued in the area around the village.

Fighting south and west of Kreminna remained inconclusive.


Donbas Area – Northeast

On 20 May, Russians took all or nearly all of the city of Bakhmut. Russian offensive against the city had been going on since August 2022.

Ukrainians continued their push on both flanks of Bakhmut. In the north, they advanced in the area of Orikhovo-Vasylivka, and towards Sakko I Vantsetti. In the south, they advanced toward and reached village Klishchiivka.

Static shot from the Russo-Ukrainian War interactive map. The Bakhmut front by the afternoon22 May 2023. All information on the maps is approximate.


Donbas Area – Southeast

Fighting continued north and south of Avdiivka, and in Pervomaiske. On Avdiivka’s northern flank, Russians pushed Ukrainians back a little northwest of village Krasnohorivka.


Zaporizhzhia Area and Donbas Area – South

Fighting in these areas was limited and inconclusive during the reported period.