On December 17-18, 2016 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies conducted the two-day seminar on EU-Georgia relations and the cooperation in the energy sector, for the representatives of the International Relations Department of the Parliament of Georgia, in Hotel “Ambassadori Kachreti.” The seminars were planned in the framework of the project ‘‘Strengthening the System of Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia” implemented by Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), funded by the European Union.

The first training day was dedicated to the EU-Georgia relations. Kakha Gogolashvili, the Director of EU Studies at the Rondeli Foundation talked about the historical background of relations between EU and Georgia he also discussed the role of EU as an international actor, it’s foreign policy instruments and formats for international cooperation: Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership and Bilateral dimension of relations –Association Agreement, Visa Free, Cooperation of CSDP as well as EUs engagement in the Black and Caspian Sea areas.

The second day was dedicated to the Georgia’s accession to the European Energy Community and the issues of energy security. Murman Margvelashvili, the Director of Energy Studies at World Experience Georgia made an overview of the energy sector of Georgia, international energy projects, Georgia’s role as the energy transit corridor and Georgia-EU association in the energy sector. He also listed the reforms and challenges existing in the energy sector and last but not the least Mr. Margvelashvili described the role of the Parliament and Parliament staff in the energy sphere.
Seminar on EU-Georgia Relations and the Cooperation in the Energy Sector, Dec 17-18, 2016