Author: David Batashvili, Giorgi Bilanishvili, Zurab Batiashvili

The Security Review section of the Rondeli Foundation regularly covers topics analyzing the threats facing Georgia, the changes in Georgia’s external security environment and the challenges to Georgia’s national security policy. Recently, the developments around Karabakh have seriously changed the previous status quo in our region, precipitating new and very significant circumstances, and have brought about a new reality to the countries of the South Caucasus as well as various important players with an interest in the region.

Accordingly, the Rondeli Foundation pays special attention to a complex analysis of the new reality created in the context of Georgia’s national security environment. To this end, a discussion series, entitled “New Reality in the South Caucasus,” was organized in a webinar format providing the interested public with the opportunity to hear the assessments of experts from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Iran and Russia (the discussion series is available on the Rondeli Foundation’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

The current issue of the Rondeli Foundation Security Review is also entirely dedicated to the new reality created in our region. It brings together the publications of the Foundation’s researchers that look at and evaluate the current situation from different angles.