2008 / 03 / 05

On March 5, 2008 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, in cooperation with the Central Asia Caucasus Institute – Silk Road Studies Program (Stockholm), hosted a roundtable working session to address the issue of strengthening national integration in Georgia.

The session, led by Dr. Rondeli and Dr. Cornell, the Institute’s Research Director, involved the participation of various members of the Georgian Government.  Topics discussed within the three-hour meeting included the need to increase outreach and communication from the central authorities to the minority populations, the notion of territory and national identity and the important role of the media in the process of national minority integration.

The Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies has been working together with the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute – Silk Road Studies Program since 2005.  The Institute, which has offices in Washington, DC and Stockholm, Sweden, is a noted for its leading focus of research and policy worldwide which serves a large and diverse community of analysts, scholars, policy-watchers, business leaders and students.  Johanna Popjanevski, the Institute’s Deputy Director, and Niklas Nilsson, Project Co-ordinator, were also in Tbilisi to take part in the session.

Roundtable Working Session on National Integration in Georgia, March 5, 2008