Author: David Batashvili, Research Fellow at the Rondeli Foundation

Rondeli Russian Military Digest is a weekly brief that reports key activities by and developments within the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Researchers, civil servants and everyone else interested in what is going on in the military of one of the most dangerous nations on the planet – tune in and enjoy.

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Geostrategic Activities

Russia has renewed the buildup of its military units on the border of Ukraine, causing concern among the American and European officials. Videos of Russian military movements near Ukraine have been emerging, with reports by unofficial sources saying some of Russian armored vehicles being delivered to the Russian-occupied part of Donbas region, Ukraine.

War in Ukraine – Two Ukrainian military service members were killed and 11 were wounded by the Russian hybrid forces on the Donbas frontline during the week of 25-31 October 2021.

War in Syria – Russian air force conducted strikes in the Syrian rebel-held Idlib region on 27 and 30 October 2021.

War in Syria – Russian Su-35S fighters were deployed to the Qamishli Airport in northeastern Syria for the first time.

A Russian Su-35S at the Qamishli Airport

Two Russian Tu-160 heavy strategic bombers accompanied by MiG-31 fighters and an A-50 airborne early warning and control (AEW) aircraft were intercepted by Norway’s fighters during their flight over the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea on 27 October 2021.



Russian and the Assad regime’s military forces conducted a joint exercise in the area of Tell Tamer/Tall Tamr in northern Syria.


*The weekly number of exercises in the Russian armed forces is very large. Therefore, all cannot be included in this digest. The exercises that are included are selected by the author for their strategic significance, particularly large scale, involvement of numerous units and locations, and/or involvement of other nations’ territories under the Russian occupation.