On March 19th, Rondeli Foundation facilitated a dynamic roundtable discussion – The Crucial Role of Diversity in Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience. The session commenced with an illuminating introductory presentation by Professor Yasuyuki TODO from Waseda University in Japan. Engaging in this enriching dialogue were Rondeli Foundation experts, economists hailing from various esteemed Georgian research and educational institutions, delegates from embassies accredited in Georgia, as well as esteemed members of both the international and Georgian epistemic communities. Their diverse perspectives significantly enriched the discussions, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand. It’s worth noting that the visit of the esteemed Japanese professor was generously sponsored by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), further emphasizing the collaborative nature of the event.

19 მარტს რონდელის ფონდში ჩატარდა მრგვალი მაგიდა თემაზე „დივერსიფიკაციის როლი მიწოდების ჯაჭვების მედეგობაში“