2010 / 06 / 15

On June 15, 2010 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies and Georgian Security Analysis Center (GSAC) hosted a public seminar “Modern Geopolitics”. The chairman of the seminar was Dr. Alexander Rondeli, president of the GFSIS. The presentation was made by Amb. David J. Smith, Director, Georgian Security Analysis Center, the commentator was Nika Chitadze, Director, International and Security Research Center.

The presentation was about Geopolitical views of Alfred Thayer Mahan, Halford Mackinder and Nicholas Spykman. The speakers compared the theories of these thinkers and discussed modern Georgian reality on the bases of these theories.

The presentation was followed by an interesting discussion between speakers and the audience. The room was comprised of people from the Government, Non-Governmental organizations, foreign diplomats and foreign experts.

15 June 2010