2009 / 10 / 28

On October 28, 2009 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, in cooperation with the Georgian Security Analysis Center, hosted a public discussion – “Iran and Georgian Security.” The chairman of the discussion was Dr. Archil Gegeshidze, Senior Fellow of the Foundation. The speakers were Andro Barnovi, Director of the Institute of Strategies and Development; and Ambassador David J. Smith, Director of the Georgian Security Analysis Center.

The panel discussion was about the Iran – Georgia relationship, what does it mean for Georgia to be in the neighborhood of Iran. Geopolitics of the region, certain factors that affect Georgian security and the interests of the countries interacting in this region were discussed.

After the presentations, there was ample questioning and discussion.  The event was attended by the representatives of the Government, NGOs, foreign diplomats and foreign experts.

Public Seminar “Iran and Georgian Security”, October 28, 2009