On July 2, 2024, the Rondeli Foundation launched a lecture course for the second cohort of young political party members as part of the EU-funded project “Supporting Free and Fair Election Cycle in Georgia.”

During this course, young politicians explored the nuances of political ideologies, examined the role of mass media in shaping political agendas, and discussed women’s political involvement.

The Political Party School includes 31 young representatives from 14 political parties. Over a three-month period, participants will attend lectures on various topics, including policy analysis, foreign policy, economics, and more.

The goal of the Political Party School is to empower participants to become more actively involved in their parties’ policy-making processes. The Rondeli Foundation also aims to foster a network of young politicians to help implement effective policies that address the needs of the population.

This project is financed by the European Union.


"Political Party School" - Jul 2, 2024