2017 / 02 / 23

On February 23, 2017 the panel discussion “Russian Information and Cyber Warfare: the US Elections and Beyond” was held at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Rondeli Foundation).

The event was moderated by Ekaterine Metreveli, the President of the Foundation and the speakers included Dr. Khatuna Mshvidobadze, the Senior Fellow at the Rondeli Foundation, the Adjunct Professor of Utica College, NY and the Director of the Cyberlight Global Associate and Batu Kutelia, the Georgian Ambassador to U.S (2009-2011), the Vice-President of the Atlantic Council of Georgia, the Next Generation Leader Fellow at the McCain Institute, USA.

The speakers discussed Russian approach to information warfare and its subset, cyber warfare, the implication of Russian information warfare threats to western and its neighbouring countries’ political systems, how Russia’s doctrine on information warfare is tied to its geopolitical ambitions, what is the collusion between the Russian government and Russian cyber criminals in this regard as well as the issues of Russian guerrilla geopolitics, non-linear war and special war or information warfare implemented by Kremlin.

The presentation was followed by an ardent Q&A session. The speakers proposed some recommendations on ensuring the cyber security of Georgia.

The discussion was attended by the representatives of civil society, academic community, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as the diplomatic corps. 

panel discussion “Russian Information and Cyber Warfare the US Elections and Beyond”, Feb 23, 2017