On December 11th, Rondeli Foundation hosted an Award Ceremony for graduates of the National Security and Public Policy training program and a welcome reception of the new cohort
The United States Ambassador to Georgia, H.E. Robin Dunnigan, and the President of Rondeli Foundation, Ekaterine Metreveli, addressed the program participants.
“The United States Embassy is really pleased to support Rondeli Foundation in this program that brings together mid-career professionals from government ministries, and from media and civil society to help build a national security community here in Georgia.”- Ambassador Dunnigan stated, – “I participated in a program like this myself in the United States, and I saw the benefits of bringing together career professionals and allowing them to think about the challenges and opportunities facing a country. I think these are the people who will go on and continue to build the institutions in Georgia that will be so important for Georgia’s European future. So, I wish all graduates the best of luck and the new students a super year where you form a bond that I think will be invaluable for Georgia.”
“I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome the graduates and new cohort of the training program together with Ambassador Dunnigan. This program was made possible through the U.S. Embassy’s financial support and human capital contribution, which enabled us to have the 19th cohort of graduates. – emphasized Ekaterine Metreveli, – “The program is designed to enrich the knowledge and skills of Georgian public service employees and CSO leaders. Throughout the one-year program, students acquire knowledge in security and foreign policy studies much needed for Georgia’s democratic and sustainable development. In this spirit, I would love to again convey the highest appreciation to the U.S. Ambassador, the U.S. Embassy in Georgia, and the American people for their continued support for Georgia’s freedom, resilience, and stability.”
The flagship program in National Security and Public Policy implemented since 2001 is designed to prepare analysts for the national security community for careers as government policymakers in defense/security agencies, diplomats, non-governmental policy analysts, and business leaders. It offers training in analytical methods and approaches to national security and public policy. It focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in the national security policy process and shape its future. The emphasis is on giving students the analytical tools to effectively address critical public policy and national security issues thereby enhancing public policy debate and capacity of making effective and better-informed decisions.
The training program is implemented by Rondeli Foundation and is supported by the U.S. Government.

„ეროვნული უსაფრთხოებისა და საჯარო პოლიტიკის“ სასწავლო პროგრამის კურსდამთავრებულების დაჯილდოების ცერემონია და ახალი ნაკადის საზეიმო მიღება.