On the 3rd of July, The Rondeli Foundation held a graduation ceremony of the educational program Youth for Changes in Ateni gorge. Project alumni represent civic activists, public servants, NGO, and the media sector from Shida Kartli. In the framework of the program, training alumni attended lectures on nationwide issues and practical capacity-building seminars.

The training program encourages participants to carry out constructive dialogue on disputed issues and elevate the political discourse. Engagement of the young people in the capacity-building activities and hot issue discussions makes them part of the policy processes and strengthens their analytical and policy elaboration skills. Participants gained specific knowledge on political ideologies, policy analysis, advocacy, mass media and communication, ethnic and gender politics, international relations, national security, and more.

The program is supported by National Endowment for Democracy and aims to enhance youth activism and contribute to the development of youngsters into knowledgeable professionals.
Award Ceremony in Jokolo, June 2021