2017 / 05 / 11

On May 11, 2017 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Rondeli Foundation) organized a discussion on regional conflicts in Georgia for the representatives of ethnic Armenian community at the regional office in Akhalkalaki, Samtskhe-Javakheti.

The presentation was delivered by Shota Utiashvili, the Senior Fellow at the Rondeli Foundation. The speaker introduced the main challenges and threats facing Georgia, made a brief overview of the regional conflicts, evaluated the situation across the both sides of the Administrative Boarder Line (ABL), and discussed the existing alternatives and ways of confidence-building.

The discussion was held under the series of lectures on issues of nationwide importance. The aim of the series of presentations is to increase the capacity-building of ethnic minority community of Javakheti and to forge a common understanding and vision of the Georgian state among the citizens of Georgia despite their ethnic origin and promote a national integration process in line with the principles of modern, democratic state. As a result, the minority community representatives are better equipped and empowered to become agents of change.

Discussion in Akhalkalaki on Regional Conflicts in Georgia, June 11, 2017