On February 14, the Rondeli foundation hosted a discussion-“Crimea is Ukraine: Political, Military and Economic Aspects”.

Ukrainian speakers expounded their vision and strategic framework of how Crimea will be reintegrated after its de-occupation. They discussed several projects, specific priorities and anticipated challenges that might arise. The discussion navigated through multifaceted areas including economic, social, political, military and legal issues, which aroused great interest among the attendees. Related questions were asked, drawing parallels with the occupied territories of Georgia and in the perspective of the Black Sea security strategy.

Ms. Olga Kuryshko- Deputy Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Mr. Serhiy Kandaurov – Head of the Strategic Development Department, Strategic Planning and Analysis Service, National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Mr. Artem Kyselov – Ukrainian Serviceman, Former Deputy Commander of the Missile Boat ”Pryluky” participated in the discussion, which was moderated by Alex Petriashvili, Senior Fellow of Rondeli Foundation.



„ყირიმის დეოკუპაცია და რეინტეგრაცია უკრაინაში: პოლიტიკური, სამხედრო და ეკონომიკური საკითხები “.