2016 / 10 / 27

On October 27, 2016 the panel discussion “Behind the Scenes: Kremlin’s Policies Towards Georgian Occupied Territories” was held at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies.

The discussion was moderated by Irakli Menagarishvili, Chairmen of the Strategic Research Centre. The speakers included Mamuka Komakhia, Invited Proffesor, TSU, Ilia State University and Tornike Sharashenidze, Proffesor, GIPA.

During the event, the speakers discussed the policy of Kremlin in the regions of Abkhazia and “South Ossetia”, how Kremlin seeks to exploit the occupied territories of Georgia as effective policy instruments to exert pressure on Georgia.

Mamuka Komakhia identified the state agencies and public officials behind the development and implementation of the Kremlin’s policies towards Georgia and especially in terms of the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and “South Ossetia”.

The audience included the participants of different training courses implemented by the Foundation, as well as the representatives of non-governmental organizations and media.

The event was followed by an ardent discussion between the speakers and the participants. 

Discussion "Behind the Scenes: Kremlin’s Policies Towards Georgian Occupied Territories" 27 Oct, 2016