On October 31 – November 2, 2009 the last seminar in the framework of “The Civil Society Leaders Network” was carried out in Odessa. The overall theme of the two year program is On-going Democratic Reforms in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Two groups: Group III – Human Rights and Group IV – European Integration, each consisting of 6 participants from 5 countries, participated in the event. 11 Georgian leaders representing different Georgian NGOs took part in the Odessa seminar.

The program was concluded with the Alumni Conference (November 3-4, 2009). Groups number I and II from the 2008 training year joined above mentioned Groups III and IV. Totally 21 representatives of Georgian NGOs and two representatives of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Dr. Teimuraz Kancheli and Ketevan Emukhvary) participated in the events.

Very interesting reports were presented by Georgian participants.

Kakhi Demetrashvili delivered training on the Regional Joint Projects Design.

Dr. Teimuraz Kancheli and Ketevan Emukhvary moderated a number of sessions.

Further development and support of “The Civil Society Leaders Network” was also discussed by program directors and Mrs. Biljana Zasova, Program Coordinator, Council of Europe.