“Calendar of the Democratic Republic of Georgia 1918-1921” is the project by Rondeli Foundation (GFSIS), which tells the story of 1918-1921 independent Georgia, through the lens of prominent daily Georgian press at that time, such as: “Saqartvelo, “Republic of Georgia”, “Voice of a Georgian Woman”, “Devil’s Whip”, “Life of Batomi” and many others.

From today, one newspaper extract will be posted every day (in English on twitter and in Georgian on facebook), offering the broad public an opportunity to follow the chronicles of independent Georgia in 1918-1921 – including everything that caused pride, desperation, or interest of the society at the time.

Please note that all the texts are citations of actual newspaper posts and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of GFSIS or its partners, and bear only historic and informational purpose.

The Rondeli Foundation presents extract from newspaper Sakhalkho Sakme. Follow our Twitter account for daily stories.

103 years ago today in Georgia.