2010 / 12 / 19

On December 1, 2010 the the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies hosted an ad hoc session of the Georgian-Russian Experts’ Dialogue conducted by BSPN Georgian Experts Council. The session was organized within the “Second Track – Georgian & Russian Experts Building Confidence” project framework with the participation of the Georgian side of the project team.

The session intended to elaborate topics for the upcoming Istanbul Dialogue meeting between the Russian and Georgian experts, to engage the Georgian participants of the Georgian-Russian Expert’s Dialogue and to generate ideas for the joint Russian-Georgian policy papers.

The discussion was opened by Kakha Gogolashvili, the project director, with a brief presentation of the Georgian-Russian Expert’s Dialogue goals and planned activities.  During the discussion the Georgian experts identified a number of themes for the joint Russian-Georgian policy papers, including: Stability in the Caucasus Region; Problems of the North Caucasus; Analysis of the information Policy in Georgia and Russia; Participation in Regional Organizations; NATO-Russia-Georgia; European Integration and Russia-Georgia relations; Influence of the Russian-Georgian Conflict on the Internal Political Situation in Georgia and Russia; Cultural and Political Aspects, etc.

BSPN Experts Council will be regularly informed of new developments related to the Russian-Georgian experts’ dialogue.