The interactive Russian Geostrategy Map depicts Russian activities in service of the Kremlin’s foreign strategy starting from 1 January 2023.

The Map is based on the framework laid out in The Structure of Modern Russia’s Foreign Strategy. It is a part of the Russian Geostrategy Monitor along with its monthly issues.

The Map is frequently updated and follows Russian geostrategic activities as they occur.

Each marker on the Map reflects a particular set of Russia’s geostrategic efforts based on their nature and target countries, containing short information about these efforts.

Each Objective according to The Structure of Modern Russia’s Foreign Strategy framework is assigned a unique symbol on the map. The markers that reflect efforts serving each Objective bear the relevant symbol. Each of the six Goals served by the Objectives according to the same framework is assigned a color.

The color of a marker has a sharp tone when the Russian efforts it reflects were last noted or reported during the current or last month. Markers reflecting efforts noted or reported prior to the last month have a dull tone.